Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Draw- Queen of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Seven of Swords

Happy Independence Day!  I am always grateful for my beautiful country and the amazing freedoms we are allowed here.  My Daily Draw today focuses on the question-

What does freedom mean to me?

Dark Fairytale Tarot- Queen of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Seven of Swords
The Queen first and foremost describes me, which only makes sense.  I tend to be the Queen of Pentacles in my own readings, and of course freedom to me will mean the ability to be myself.  I don't wear my eyeliner quite like that, but I do love purple dresses, and take no umbrage with reclining on velvet pillows from time to time.

The Six of Pentacles is described in the Little White Book as follows, "When the wealthy give to those less fortunate, their aid should be bestowed with an open heart if both are to benefit."  This sums up freedom pretty well for me, too- the ability to both give and receive as befits my current circumstances, with no shame or ill feeling on either part.  One of my big struggles with money is guilt over having any, not that it is pouring in waves over me, but when you feel guilty about money it is hard to attract any to you.  Freedom to me equals the ability to give freely of my resources.  I can relate myself to the cloaked figure in the foreground, able to show my very tall sons a different, not necessarily better, way of living than they are learning away from our home.

The Seven of Swords depicts a fools' errand, chasing a ghost.  Who does that person rob but himself if he decides to do so?  Freedom to me is the ability to chase the specters of my dreams, to arrange my way of thinking in a way that pleases me best, even if others do not understand it.  In this life, I am reliant upon myself, and no one else, because too many times bosses and corporations have proven untrustworthy in my eyes.  I have been burned by the corporate world too many times to have any desire to go back there, and standing on my own feet is thrilling, and scary, and honestly would not be possible but for my husband who provides insurance and a steady income, so I do not gloat from my view.
Dark Fairytale Tarot- Six of Cups

The Shadow Card is the Six of Cups, to remind me not to place too much glory on the old days, the tired days, the days of slaving away and not usually even making ends meet.  Today, even if I can't quite get the money from one end of the month to the other, at least I see my children as soon as they get out of school.  At least I can let them stay home when they are sick, instead having to beg them to try to make it because if I miss a shift I am going to get IT (often retribution in the form of cut shifts and craptastic stations).  At least I can make dinner every night, exhaustion not driving me to the nearest, cheapest take away, and I do not dread morning's light.

I hope wherever you may be in the world, you are free, and if you aren't, I hope you have a plan to be so.  I am grateful for the simple blessing of being able to be me, to live in a country I love, to raise my children and love my husband.  There is really very little else I desire.

(The angels in this Six of Cups may also be a little cosmic joke on me, that I place them as far from myself as humanly possible, at the bottom of the deck, because the scariest damn thing I have ever seen on tv was the Weeping Angels on the Doctor Who episode "Blink".  I shudder even typing that!  AND- the last time we were watching that episode, in the black of night, not a light in the house on, an oracle deck fell off my shelf and directly onto my foot.  It was this one, The Fallen Angel Oracle, and believe me, I was a little spooked!) (I don't know the blogger I linked but I sure would like to!)

These cards are from Dark Fairytale Tarot by Rafaele De Angelis, published by Lo Scarabeo.


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