Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daily Draw - The Devil, Queen of Wands, Judgment

Look how much fire in this set of cards!

The chains of the Devil can't hold back the fiery Queen of Wands.  She simply transforms to the phoenix of Judgment, which succinctly captures the essence of this card.

I have the feeling that the Lord of the Gates of Matter (the Devil) here is causing the Queen of Wands to be poorly aspected.  I do not read reversals, because I don't like looking at upside down images, but I do believe all cards have a range of meaning.  The Devil is not always "bad", and the Queen here is charismatic, dynamic, and passionate, and those are fantastic qualities, but they can also turn tumultuous at times.  The Queen of Wands is the Queen I least associate myself with, but she probably does represent me today.

These cards tell me it would be a good day for me to speak humbly, act humbly, work actively to shed some of the bad habits that I know are holding me back.  Doing so will be freeing to me.

These cards are from the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding for Schiffer Books.


  1. What is the obsession, this compulsion, this desire
    That drives me to commit these crimes that are so dire?

    In my mind a genius, a fool, and a liar
    A loser without luck, whos faults I sing amongst a choir

    Of devils and saints who babble in my head
    all night and day keeping me awake
    Long must I sleep, sleep like the dead
    Until I reclaim the night I forsake

    Married to a portrait, the voice in my head
    Talking with the pictures in the hall
    A snake-eyed man who spins a tapestry from corpse thread
    Stolen from the tophat with legs that crawl

    In misery endowed most sincerely
    The portrait of a damned john
    Hanging from the cross upside down dearly
    Beaten until the soldier got a hard baton

    Licking his lips such a strange disease
    Swallowing down his own flesh
    Gulping in the silent unease
    His throat cracking as he curses the blessed

    Cursing under his breath in the burning breeze
    Violating the sanctity with his eyes
    Staring into abyssian emptyness, shes
    toying with a stranger to holyness, unbaptized

    Unmade in darkness, undone in death
    The ballet of grey melancholy
    Stealing away each and every breath
    A lowly lord of demogogy.

    I am the saint of sin
    The face that stairs up from the deep black well
    The abyss that stares, peeling back your skin
    The smile that lurks in the depths of hell.

    Beneath the stair case lay the guilt
    Buried not three feet deep
    Bursting from amongst the asphalt and tree roots
    That whom sleeps the eternal sleep