Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Draw - Nine of Wands, Two of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles

New week, new deck.  This week it is the Tarot of the Dream Enchantress by Marco Nizzoli for lo Scarabeo.  The same artist created the very popular Secret Tarot, and like all lo Scarabeo decks, it feels like silk to shuffle.  I was feeling like I needed the feminine energy of a deck, and the color palette is soothing.  I had initially picked out a deck for this week that, while, beautiful, is a riot of colors, and it was jarring for me to use it.  Maybe next week.  This deck has some female nudity, so if that bothers you, it may not be a good week to hang out here.

The spread, if you can even call it that, is a daily spread that I just made up, though it is by no mean original, so that the cards can tell me what I need to know about Home, Work, and Myself.  I use the card from the bottom of the deck as a card to tell me about something I should be looking out for.

Home- Nine of Wands.  This is the eye of the storm.  It's quiet, but it's not peaceful.  There is a tension in the still air, a current riding just under the surface, not visible, but palpable.  Floppy Hair is the biggest tumult in the house, and he is not here for now.  Some of it is his fault, the choices he is making, and some of it is my fault, who we are as a family and the ways it both works and doesn't, and some of it is just the fault of being 15.  While he is away, I am going to rest, regroup, catch my breath, because when he is back, it is all in, once again.  It's okay, though.  Nine is almost ten, and ten is the end.  Just one final push, although it is going to have to be a big one.  We love him, I love him, he loves us.  Love isn't the problem or question here.  Will is.

Work- Two of Pentacles.  Twos are about duality, and balance, and Pentacles have to do with the material plane.  Many tarot images of this card feature a juggler, the careful, calculated, and skillful balance of the things of this earth, love and money, work and home, parenthood and self.  The fey in this card seems to be letting fate decide for her, casting her coins to the wind to see which way they land.  My day job almost pays the bills, and that is important, and something to be grateful for, something I in fact enjoy doing, but there is more for me out there, and I know it.  I am just having a terrible time striking the right balance between following my bliss and keeping sneakers on little feet, food on the table in a regular manner.  This card reflects both my desire to have that balance, and the need for me to go ahead and create it for myself, not just expecting it to be blown in by a passing wind.

Myself- Queen of Pentacles.  Tarot makes me giggle.  This is the card I most often associate with myself.

She gazes into her hand mirror, but does she like what she sees?  If she doesn't, is she capable of changing it?  In a very literal way, this reflects my evaluation of myself, my physical self, which I think is uncomfortable for most women.  I will feel better if I look better, and I will look better if I step up my physical activity, and not diet, exactly, but eat with intention.  I have been doing a lot of stress eating and couch sitting, which has taken its' toll.  I have already gone on a run this morning, in addition to the usual yoga, and I plan on hitting the gym this morning, too.

For what I know, these cards seem a very accurate portrayal of life as I know it today, and the spread has proven its' worth again, in my eyes.

Oh, the bottom card.  I'll bet you could guess.  My old friend, the Nine of Swords.  Fear, anxiety, mental torment, anguish.  Interesting thought, from the Little White Book, written insightfully by Barbara Moore- "Nightmares torturing sleep are usually considered a bad thing.  But for some, the pain of remembering is more comforting than the ache of forgetting."  In this card, the angel seems almost benevolent, a companion and witness to the mans' pain.  He has drunken enough to pass out, hopefully oblivious, which is a reminder that so many of the ways we, I, try to numb ourselves, are ways to try to not face pain.

These images are from the Dream Enchantress Tarot by Marco Nizzoli for lo Scarabeo.

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