Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Comfort Me Tarot - Ace of Cups

I don't feel bad or anything, at least not emotionally.  I'm sick as a dog, though I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel, and for once in the past four days I don't feel like going into it, so that is improvement.  I have picked the Morgan Greer tarot deck for my readings this week, and not least among my reasons is that mine is the ultra shiny printed in Italy version which is sure to repel snot and sundry fluids currently exiting my body as forcefully and as ugly-ey as possible.  Also, this is a deck that sticks very close to Waite Smith symbolism, so it is not overly taxing to my heavy, heavy head which is barely up to holding itself upright at the moment, let alone taking on the mysteries of the universe.  But instead of talking about me, let's talk about this beautiful card.

I think this is one of the most gorgeous blue shades I have ever seen, and it sets the pinks and greens of the lotus flower off to great effect.  I am currently taking a tarot class from the lovely and talented Joy Vernon and I am thoroughly enjoying it for what I learn from the other students as much as anything else.  One of them was discussing a card in which a lotus flower figured prominently, and she pointed out that lotus flowers grow out of the yuckiest, nastiest mud, fighting their way to the surface in a burst of glory.  It is also a symbol of purity, and to me it is such an amazing think to see that no matter where we come from, when we continuously reach for the light, we become ever more what we are meant to be.

As the eye rises in the card, we meet the snow white dove, another symbol of purity, love and peace.  This card is literally overflowing with those sentiments, and my own personal key phrase for this card is something like, "The fount from which all good things flow."  Particularly amusing to me is the tendency of the Waite Smith decks to feature a giant hand prominently in the Aces, presumably the hand of God extended with a gift we have but to reach out and grab.  The message here seems to be that love and grace are here for the taking, only we have to reach out, risk looking foolish, even, maybe, that we would be so bold as to imagine those gifts are for us, that God or Spirit or Goddess or Source or the Universe or Whatever is so willing to offer these things up, but that we have to take that step to reach out.

This is the card you get when you fall in love all over again every day, with Him, with Her, and even better, with yourself.  It is a card that promises that all that you give comes back to you, over and over, better than before, and brings more love, more power, more joy, more right, with it, every single time.

Henry David Thoreau so eloquently put it like this, "There is no remedy for love but to love more."  Loving more lets us float gracefully on those cerulean waters, cradled in the petals of the lotus, shaded by the wings of the dove, which is New Age-y sounding bs, unless, what if it isn't?  What if it really IS that simple (a word which is not the same as easy)?  What if I just try to live, for just this moment, as if it is?

Oh yeah, one more thing - I am getting married, the sooner, the better, we are agreed on that.  Over and over, again and again, I get this card in reference to Him, the burgeoning of new love, the raw energy of limitless emotion, the very beginning of what can never end.

This card is from the Morgan Greer tarot, by Bill S. Greer and Lloyd Morgan for U.S. Games.


  1. Lovely post. I hope you get well soon. And congratulations on the wedding announcement, may you be very happy together. :)

  2. None of the snot came through in your words, which were a delight to read :-) A lovely take on a lovely card, and wonderful sentiments - could it be that simple? I hope so. Congratulations, and may you have much joy.

  3. Hiya, Helen! Thank you for the well wishes, for both getting well and the happiness. We already are quite happy, so I think that the wedding is just a party to celebrate that. Thank you!

    So glad you didn't catch my bug through the screen. I did get a printed in China version of this deck today, which is not as glossy so probably more absorbent, but I think the danger is past. Thank you, as well, for your kind words and well wishes!

    <3 <3 <3