Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily Draw - Two of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Four of Cups

Again, with The Obstacle - The Way Through the Obstacle - The Outcome spread for today.

The Obstacle: The Two of Swords is generally a card I feel good about and enjoy, it usually feels peaceful to me, and this one is labeled with the keyword "Harmony", which should be comforting, but this card in this deck, in this reading, makes me decidedly uncomfortable.  The jester character in the forefront seems like he is about to wreak some serious havoc on the peace the couple in the background seem to have come to.  The castle makes me feel like this has to do with our home, as in our home is our castle.  The Man and I are peaceful together, and are generally in complete agreement on how to run our life together.  This shady character peeking out from his blindfold, though, is an interloper.  I have the impression he is about to rip his blindfold off, turn to the couple, sword in each hand, and launch an attack.

This card is the Moon in Libra, which I can see as being difficult because the Moon is not always what it seems, and Libra energy prefers everything be on the up and up, bright Sun shining, no secrets, no intrigue.

The Way Through The Obstacle: I often associate the Six of Pentacles with charity, and sharing of resources, but the resources in this card are not necessarily material.  They aren't coins trickling from careless fingers to needy ones.  What I see here is pure, uncensored love, and "Prosperity" that does not always have to do with what we have and what we can buy.  This is a rendition of generosity that has more to do with our spiritual gifts than or material ones.

As an advice card, I take this to mean that the problem I may face today should be met with compassion, and creativity.  I can see the answer being something I can do, write, or perform a reading on, or perhaps the empathy I can share will be helpful and remedy the situation somewhat.  I think those things might be part of the answer because they are what I see as my gifts, what I have to share with the world.  Metaphorically speaking, possibly I am meant to snatch that creepy ol' jester up and love on him as much as either one of us can stand.  *smile*

Outcome: Four of Cups.  In this card, the female figure looks resigned.  She is neither thrilled, nor gutted by the result, which is sometimes the best we can ask for in a difficult situation.  It's just okay, and sometimes that has to be just okay.

So my summary of this reading is to be aware of some outside force disrupting the harmony of my home or partnerships today, and to meet that force from a place of love, to apply my unique talents to situation, resulting in an outcome that is improved, and certainly livable, for the moment at least.

Update:  It turns out that the Interloper up there had nothing to do with any person outside of my house, but had to do with me, my foul mood in the late afternoon and evening, and my flaring anxiety that likes to eff with my head.  Anxiety is all about thoughts, unjust ones, usually untrue ones, as it were, and sneaky to boot.  I shoulda seen that coming!  I did not do a good job of caring for myself and turning my own thoughts around, but The Man was exceedingly careful of me and tried very hard to share his good feelings with me, and in a strange juxtaposition my NicNoodle decided to use some oracle cards to give me a reading, which was amazingly accurate as well as unbearably sweet!  She proclaimed reading the cards made her feel close to me, and calmer herself, which is often the case, and mirrors the image of the Madonna and child as advice, though not the way I would have expected.  I was the one being cared for.  My daughter is so deeply empathic, and a Scorpio to boot, that she does not always know how to deal with these emotions that come from outside herself.  I ended the evening feeling better, content, if not well satisfied, and resolved to sleep well, curled up against the love of my life, and to wake this morning better able to cope with the world at large.  So far, so good!

These cards are from The Kingdom Within Tarot by Juno Lucina and Shannon Thornfeather for Schiffer Books.

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