Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dr. Barry E. Taff on Unearthly Encounters Live! Today

UFO Tarot- Three of Cups
Today, at 4pm Eastern, in a special Unearthly Encounters Live! with +Mackenzie Knight, we will be talking with Dr. Barry E. Taft, an expert in both alien activity and paranormal activity.  His pedigree is long, his views can be controversial, and this is sure to be an intense, informative, and riveting show!  His latest book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below is available wherever books are sold, and a fascinating read!

This is the Three of Cups, the image of which just tickled me, from UFO Tarot by Bepi Vigna and Arturo Picca, published by Lo Scarabeo.


  1. Very cool card, the figures look just like the Cycladic goddesses I love so much:

    1. That is really beautiful! And so synchronistic. Thank you for sharing!