Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Unearthly Encounters Live! Candy O Donnell, Author & Radio Show Host

Zombie Tarot- Eight of Wands
Tonight, +Mackenzie Knight of Unearthly Encounters Live! and I happily welcome author and radio show host Candy O Donnell to the show, which airs at 8pm Eastern.

Candy, a gifted psychic in her own right, has a new book out- Z Radio! The  Zombie Apocalypse.  She has a zillion interesting stories about the writing life and the paranormal, so this is sure to be a fun show!  Please listen live for your chance to ask Candy a question, or later in archive.

You can visit Candy at:


Unearthly Encounters Live! with Mackenzie Knight welcomes Candy O Donnell

I couldn't resist using The Zombie Tarot for this post, even though it is not my deck of the week.  We can thank Stacey Graham,
Paul Kepple and Ralph Geroni for this beauty, and Quirk Books for publishing it.


  1. I love the Zombie Tarot Card, great post!

    1. This whole deck is hilarious, and I am using it tonight! It's only appropriate.