Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Draw - Eight of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, The Empress

This morning I used a simple three card spread from The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett. This is a fabulous book for spreads and such, and it helps figure the meanings of cards in their positions, if you struggle with that, but as with all books that list meaning, I suggest beginners not look at them at all until they have a journal full of recordings of their own impressions. Book meanings are excellent to shore up one's personal definitions, but the cards should always reflect the reader because that is the way to truly read them, and not just recite some memorized words. It is a slower, but much more satisfying way to learn!

The spread is simply called Daily Practice, Card For The Day. The first card is Card For The Day (the important aspects of the day ahead) - Eight of Pentacles.

I am endlessly pleased to note that though this gentleman is hard at work on his project, paying infinite attention to the details of it, he has a book laid to the side, marked and ready to pick up when he has a spare moment to read. Reading IS work for writers, as is daydreaming, and staring off into space. There is a fine line between procrastinating and using those tools productively, and for sure I cross it from time to time, but this card is reminding me today to pay good and close attention to my writing projects, but also to take time to do the other things that are part of it. I could sit here at the keyboard forever but that will not necessarily net me more output.

This is also a reminder to keep on keeping on with the work I have been putting into making my home a writer's haven, and the personal work I am doing on myself to let myself flow creatively. I hate, hate, hate doing an exercise called Morning Pages, in which you are supposed to freehand write three pages of whatever comes into your mind, for however long it takes. I despise this activity, but I need to keep doing it. My hands hurt and I am writing inane things that I am never going to want to read again, but that is the point - to get it out so it is not cluttering up the ol' creativity pipes. I don't have to like it, though.

Attend To This (personal issues that will require attention) - Knight of Swords.

Be still, my heart. This single image might be the entire reason I chose this deck at all. His burning intensity is right up my alley, and I adore this image. I might have it blown up poster size and put it on my bedroom wall like he was a New Kid On The Block back in the day. (*sigh* Joey...) Just kidding! Maybe...

Anyway, the Knight of Swords is all about analytical thought and logic in action. He is handsome, to be sure, but is he feeling? I should be careful today of letting my head rule my heart and making impulsive decisions that seem logical on the surface but do not take into consideration my feelings and of course my intuition. He is also a truthful fellow, sometimes more than he needs to be, and this card reminds me to temper any hard truths I may have to break today with kindness and compassion.

I was thinking I would possibly let my boss know exactly what all I am thinking about how they have run a very good idea into the ground, but on second thought, maybe that is not such a good plan. He has to know that the situation is not right, and after all, it is his life savings on the line, not mine. I can walk away anytime I want and get the same, or better job, even in this economy.

What To Look Out For (feelings, desires, or reactions that could arise) - The Empress.

I particularly love this Empress. She is beautiful, and so very pregnant. There is no chance I could be pregnant (perish THAT thought) but there are probably some people in my life that could use some nurturing. It would also be good for me to attend to my projects and bring one or two of them to fruition.

I am smack in the middle of a major spurt of nesting, and that is not really surprising since I am deep in an Empress year myself. I am cooking, and cleaning, and rearranging furniture, and redecorating on my sparse budget. I have built myself a little altar and meditation space, and I have been so very careful to keep my work spaces clean and organized so that when I am writing or reading at least I am not distracted by thinking,"Oh, I should go put that away, or clean up this," or whatever else I use to procrastinate the things I really need to be doing.

In addition, with the Knight hanging around up there this card reinforces the idea that feelings matter a lot today, mine, and other people's, and to nurture them, and myself, and not feel one iota of guilt about that.

Shadow Card (the card at the bottom of the deck)- Five of Swords.

I don't know why I do this, but I always feel like the card at the bottom of the deck has something to say to me, so I peek. Like most people, I find many of the Swords difficult, this one no exception. This card, with the defeated slinking away and the main figure looking so smug and self assured, always makes me feel that he has won, but at what cost? When I see this card in my own readings, I try to look very hard at my own motivations and make sure that I am being scrupulously honest with myself and others.

As a Shadow to my reading for the day, I think that I need to be aware that sometimes people play dirty, and not everyone values honesty the same way I do. I am well aware that my bosses act pretty shady at times, and I should not be surprised if it should come back to me at times.

I am finding the Touchstone Tarot imminently readable, probable the most of all my latest batch of decks, and I am enjoying using it for my daily draws! After a few more days of working with it, I will probably post a review.

These images are from Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black for Kunati.


  1. Nice reading, Manda! I like your take on the Knight of Wands, and you have a real feel for the Touchstone. I'm just starting to play with it.

  2. Great reading.......Kat Black's Golden is one of my favourite and this looks equally beautiful.
    I remember those morning pages :).....and the awful hour of the day I had to get up to fit them in.

  3. I loved this reading Manda, It was so nice to the the Touchstone in action.

    I had a little thought about your shadow card, or at least it struck me as I was reading what you said. I am not in anyway trying to alter what you said, because only you know what sits right for you. But I was also wondering if this 5 swords cards could also be suggesting for the day that you acknowledge your own limitations and work within their reality to gain the best results for yourself and for those around you.

    I also was impressed with this little three card spread and may well try it out for myself. I'm not into daily readings much these days, but I may just make an exception for this spread. ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Asher! I am really enjoying this deck!

    Hiya, Cat! I had to get up at 4am this morning to have time to do them. Stinky.

    Helen - I honestly got this deck because I felt like I "should", not because I particularly thought I was going to love it, but it is turning out that I do! That is a good thought about what the Five of Swords had to say to me. I'm glad you like the spread!

  5. I'd sure like to see your review of this deck, should you decide to write one. I've been humming and hawing about getting it.

  6. I am going to work with it a few more days, but you can definitely expect a couple more readings and a review early next week!

  7. I never used to mind the Morning Pages, but now I have no motivation to do them ~ I've barely written anything for months.

    That Knight of Swords reminds me a bit of someone in my own life... I wasn't sure about this deck, or the Golden Tarot, but now I think I'd like them both.