Friday, March 27, 2009

One Good Reason To Have Kids

Tonight, my seven year old Princess NicNoodle the Poodle Princess Pineapple Buttercup BabyDoll Peach wanted to give me a reading (her real name is Danica *grin*) using her Halloween Tarot. She has big brown eyes, crooked front teeth (*gasp* the orthodontist bills and I would know - 13 year old son is about to get his braces off), and a blond pixie haircut. She is also one of the sweetest, most empathetic people I have ever known. I call this pic "Self Portrait". There are few things she likes as well as taking pictures of herself, haha.

She is a fan of 78 card spreads, but here is a highlight of the reading -

"Oh, Mommy! It's The World! You got this card because you are my whole world! And my brothers, and you do lotsa stuff in our house and you are the one who makes it all come together so you are The World and you make our home complete!" When questioned about what exact 'stuff' I do to make it all come together she replied, "You make the dinners and pack our lunches and take us swimming and buy us jammies and you tell the boys to do their homework but not me 'cause I just do mine and you remind us to feed the guinea pigs so all their hair doesn't fall out and you clean the cages when we forget and you write stories about us and you read to us even though we can read to our selfs and you know how to make the BESTEST brownies and you let me sleep with you when I have a bad dream and you help me make my hair pretty and you buy me the pretty clothes." I guess that is what makes a mom for a seven year old!

Solemnly, she flipped another card - "Mommy," she whispered. "Which ones are Ghosts again? Oh Cups, that's right... oh! Oh! Oh! The WISH card, Mommy! You got the wish card! You got the wish card because before I was born I looked down at you and I LOVED you and I WISHED I could be your daughter, and then when I got borned, I WAS! That was my wish!" She flung herself into my arms then and squeezed me. "You're my BEST Mommy!" she declared, though I am not aware she has any other mommies. The kid has a lot of enthusiasm, though!

Then she drew the last card. "The Queen of Pumpkins. She is almost as pretty as you, Mommy, cuz she has long dark hair, too, but yours is better, and she is petting the cat like you pet Zoe (the dog). I'll bet she is a nice mommy, but you are the NICEST Mommy. Thank you cards," she whispered as she gathered them up and put them away in their little pouch.

One of the best things about having children is the pure unadulterated sweetness they can exude sometimes. Even the one that is as tall as me, and with a much worse attitude *grin*. All parents think their kids are gifted, but I think this little one has a real thing going with the cards. Or I bask in her adoration. Whichever.

This sweetie pie munchkin sweet baby is now trying on my (largely unworn) cocktail dresses and heels. And telling her dolls to sit still and get THEIR readings.

The card images are from the Halloween Tarot for US Games.


  1. you almost made me want havong children.

  2. This is so cute! Can't wait till my little Gabriel is old enough to do things like this....
    Thanks for a great read!