Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily Draw - The Magician

Are you ever just haunted by a card? I mean, it seems to want to just show up EVERYWHERE? For me, for the past couple months, it has been the Magician. I have drawn in no less than once a week since the beginning of the year as a daily card, and if I do a reading for myself, it is almost a given he will show up. We are getting on good terms, him and I. Or today, her and I, rather. I am bringing you another beautiful image from the Templar Tarot today. This Magician is different than any I have ever seen. A splendid, multi armed dancer pirouettes on a deadly cobra, blithely juggling her implements. Is she not aware of the danger of the poisonous snake, or is she just that confident in her abilities? The crowd around her is completely enraptured, some postulate as they bow before her, some cheering her on. One of her audience reaches for her with only stumps for arms, having sacrificed hers to some disease, or maybe worse? She is dressed in white, suggesting a purity of grace, and either way she dances on, because she must. She is brave, beautiful, and completely captivating.

I am particularly drawn to the fact that literally, she is dancing on a snake. I have a completely irrational, but very real, phobia of snakes. I cannot even look at pictures of them, even drawings, without breaking out into a cold sweat and shaking. The reptile house at the zoo is a trial for me, and let's not even talk about the time my little ones put a garter snake in my bed. I literally thought I was having a heart attack! Shooting pains in my arm and everything.

Did I draw this card today to remind me to face my fears head on? There are two winged angels looking on, and they seem to be as enraptured as the rest of the crowd. Are they her guardians? Will they rush forward to save her if she is bitten? I guess this is where faith gets tricky for me - it's the easiest thing in the world to proclaim faith, but possibly the hardest to live in it utterly. I haven't taken some of the leaps Spirit has called me to, danced on some of those snakes, because I have been afraid that I will be be bitten, and I do not trust fully that I will be protected. Limiting God is something I know to be foolish, but knowing something in one's head does not always help it translate to heart.

When I consider the Magician, I think of someone who has all the tools they need to succeed, but is working on the mastering of them. I think of someone who is learning to bring their conscious living into line with the divine plan. I think of someone who has the ability, and the responsibility, to bring about change, through the use of their own power, for good. The Magician brings about his desires not just by happenstance, or seeming coincidence, but he sets out with a plan and takes conscious action to bring it to fruition. To pull this card today reminds me that I CAN have everything I want and need, as long as it is good for me, as long as it is part of the wonderful plan that animates the Universe, but that it is not enough to just long for it. I have to make the choices that need to be made, heed the call of Spirit, and take ACTION. I don't have to know what the outcome is going to be, but pure intentions and a loving soul go far.

And I can trust that I have angels waiting in the wings to help me if it all proves too much.

These cards are from the Templar Tarot by Allen Chester and the Radiant Rider Waite by US Games.


  1. This is a beautiful card,what struck me about this Magician card is that as you say she is dressed in white, maybe inidicating that she is fully intouch with her spirit. Is managing to manifest her spirituality into her everyday life? The snake could symbolise transformation and it may be her very understanding that she is more than flesh and blood that brings this transformation about. What is there for her to be afraid of when she realises that it is she who has the power to create her own future, that's what makes her a real magician! lol

    I'm rambling again :O)

    As I said lovely card.

  2. Looking at the Rider Waite Magician it reminded me with his hands in that position of as above so below that if one manages to bring their higher self though it is the tool that will help you understand how to use all the other tools.

    I'm stopping now I promised! ;)

  3. Haha I LOVE your comments! Ramble away! You're right, that power to bring Heaven in line with earth, or what Christians pray daily "Your kingdom come, your will be done..." is TRUE magic!

  4. That is one bizarre Magician card! Looking at it, there seem to be representatives of various faiths. John in his hair shirt, a man with antlers to the right, another prophet to the right, the guardian angels you mentioned, seemingly stricken people, and one pointing in possible terror to the snake beneath her feet, the possible reference being "and there shall be enmity between the woman and the serpent, and the serpent shall smite the woman's heel, and the woman's heel shall smite the serpent" (roughly). But this is an eight-armed woman, holding emblems of three suits that I can see, including India-style fire, and a skull. This reminds me of dancing Kali, complete with snakes and skulls, but instead of a dance of destruction on her husband's body, and being black or blue skinned, she is dancing a dance of creation while dressed in white, on this snake. She is rising above the prophesy/curse of Eve and the serpent, and is quite comfy with it. It is possible that she is transforming negatives into positives with a shift in attitude, threats into opportunities,(I can't prove this). There is so much mythology involving women and snakes!