Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Love Reading

Feel free not to read this post. It is going to be sappy and self congratulating, and probably overly personal, but that's what writers do; let little pieces of themselves hang out all over. I'm not sure where this spread came from. I did not make it up, but I did not leave any notes about where it came from in my journal, either, which is not like me at all. Because the Touchstone is so driven by the portraits, expressions, and feelings of the people on the cards, I felt it would make a good relationship reading.

Me ~ Him
1*****2 Our perceptions of each other.
3*****4 Our feelings for the other.
5*****6 Our attraction for each other.
7**9**8 Past bond, soul bond, present bond.

1. My perception of him - Strength.
I see him as gentle, compassionate, and kind with me. Sometimes I roar, and he lets me, while calming me down. I also see him as very brave, and capable. He inspires complete confidence from me, and I trust him absolutely.

2. How he perceives me - The Magician.
He sees me as talented and skillful, if not somewhat manipulative. "Manipulative" should not always have a negative connotation, though sometimes it should. I am very good at getting what I want out of him, and I am always consciously striving to reach both my own goals and our shared ones.

3. How I feel about him - The Lovers.
I am absolutely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is my other half, and that my completion as an individual rests in loving him and having him love me. I realize we are different in many ways, but I feel that those differences compliment each other.

4. How he feels about me - Four of Wands.
He feels that I am stable, and that we have a firm foundation to build on. I may be overstepping my bounds to say here, but I think that this card says I make him happy, joyful even. I think it may even be possible he would like to marry me *grin*

5. My attraction to him - The Moon. I can't necessarily explain the connection between us, but it is there, and it goes soul-deep. I don't need to have it explained, though, because I am drawn to him in a way I will never be able to explain. It seems almost magical to me.

6. His attraction to me - Five of Wands.
He feels like he has beat out some competition for my affection, and that it feels good to win. It's always nice to know that others appreciate what you have. A small degree of jealously does not have to be a bad thing, and can in fact be healthy. It's all about balance. It is also likely that he feels somewhat conflicted. I do not take offense to this, because I know wherein the conflicts lie, and it is not in how he feels about me.

7. Our past bond - The Fool.
We started off on a new and unknown path together. We took a leap of faith, both as individuals, and as a couple, that marked the start of a new and completely different phase of both our lives. Walking this path together has been part of what has kept us so bonded in the past.

. Our present bond - Knight of Cups. At this moment, we are bound together by intense romantic feelings, nearly gushing, and the fiery Knight mixed with the watery Cup makes for some steam. Hey, people stay together for less than that all the time!

9. Our soul bond - Six of Wands. We stay completely bonded, and likely will throughout our relationship, because together we triumph over adversity. Our strengths shore up each others' weaknesses, and despite the difficulties we go through, we emerge victorious, time after time.

We all know that one of the dangers of reading for oneself is seeing what we want to see more than what is actually there. Even so, I read this as spectacularly positive. The Majors I see in this reading, in their respective positions, make me feel as though this is a fairly permanent relationship, which is both completely exhilarating and utterly terrifying all at the same time. Three of the four minors that have arisen are Wands, which is not surprising to me as the very core of our relationship is passionate and fiery. It is also interesting to me to note the return of two of my three cards from my daily draw this morning - the Four of Wands and the Lovers.

"Touchstone Tarot, tell me true. This is what I ask of you." So opens the booklet that goes with this deck. Kat Black also refers to it as 78 friends you hold in your hand. Thus far, my readings with it have all been very friendly, and I suppose the day will come that the cards will have to tell me something I don't really want to hear, but I have the feeling that they will be so gentle with me I could take just about anything from them!

These images are from the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black for Kunati.


  1. I would say from that reading that you definitely make him happy - that 4 of wands is screaming out celebration! This is such a beautiful reading, the touchstone seems to have a strong bond with you.

  2. That is a great reading. Thank you for sharing. I think I am going to try the spread out myself.

  3. Ohhh, lovely! Thanks for being brave enough to share. I might give this a go myself... don't know if I'll be as brave :P

  4. Essjay - thank you for the encouraging words! And as always, for stopping by!

    Sherry - I hope the spread gives you insight and a lot of joy!

    Lisa - haha brave enough. I was a little nervous, but I did anyway. Thank you for reading it!

  5. Beautiful reading, Manda! The Touchstone looks amazing and I think I'll try out the spread too. Thanks so much for sharing!