Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Touchstone Tarot Says Hello!

Today I drew the Nine of Cups, which I am showing from the Radiant Rider Waite I use daily, and Tarot of the New Vision, because I like the behind the scenes glimpses it offers. Too cute! We all want to see the Nine of Cups with it's message of happiness and contentment. the chubby little ones in the New Vision make me smile so much. I wish my kids were little like that again!

I just wanted to share something fun and uplifting today! It's not PDR and I don't have any ground breaking revelations to share, but there are times when tarot is such a comfort to me.

My life is pretty up in arms at the moment. I was blessed enough to saved up a (little) money and that was just as well, since it turns out that my hours have been cut severely at work. That is making me nervous but it has been a blessing too to just be home with my kiddos. I have been working very hard on creating the kind of environment that will let me be an actual artist so that has all been to the good.

I was leafing through my Touchstone Tarot today just looking at pictures really, but it seemed like it wanted to talk, so I shuffled and said, "Okay, tell me whatever you have in mind."

I chuckled when I saw the Nine of Cups, because that was my daily draw card today. I don't know why because it has been a very laid back day, with nothing exciting happening at all, but that is actually how I like my days - easy, and mostly the same, so that is definitely a wish come true for me! The gentlemen looks very relaxed and self possessed. I was relaxed today, and actually spent most of it re-reading an old favorite book.

The Wheel of Fortune often makes me feel a bit nervous, because I don't like things to change very much if I can help it (exciting I know), but with the Star's appearance at the end I felt that whatever large change is heading my way is going to be one that brings me more hope, and more healing. I think that these cards speak to me following my own pleasure in life, which revolves around my home and my writing, will increase my fortune and help me to realize my dreams, which are not that big, really. Just my moppets and my honey and a pad and a paper. And a deck or two (dozen) of course. Oh yeah and the dog. My little sweetheart.

Maintaining a state of gratitude is very important for my spiritual path and I am so very thankful for these light hearted, hopeful cards this evening. I might have missed their message too, if I hadn't followed the impulse to lay out cards I only intended to fondle a little.

I am a bit of a deck collector, and I pretty much get everything new that comes out and add older decks as I come across them and feel drawn. Most of them that I have I would not part with, because even if they do not call me to use them now I think the time will come when they will. I am very happy that I got the Touchstone in both versions. The one scanned here is the mass market, and it is completely lovely, with an excellent booklet and a great hinge box for storage. It definitely comes with my seal of approval!

These images are from the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black for Kunati.


  1. The deck looks great and I am really curious on how it reads for people. I have been considering this deck for a while now too. So many interesting decks are coming out this year!


  2. I am really enjoying this deck! I have been on a research/study bender with symbolism in the big three (TdM, RWS, Thoth) so the portrait style of this deck has been a huge relief. It is so easy to use! Just look at the people's faces!

    It has been an amazing year in tarot, and the next one looks so promising as well.

  3. I'm turning into a deck collector as well. I bought the Mystic Faerie last month, just because it looked so light and pretty (the complete opposite of my mood), but I've been kicking myself ever since, for walking away from the Llewellyn the day before that, when I kept thinking, "Do I really *need* another deck?" In the future, when confronted with a deck I really like the look of, that answer will be, "Yes! Yes, I do!" ;)

    They also had Kat Black's Golden Tarot, locked away in the little cupboard. oh, well. The Mystic Faerie didn't give me fluffy readings, so that's something. :)

    I bought the Mythic tarot for $1.20 from ebay, last night; I wanted to buy an inexpensive version, because I'm not sure about the artwork, and didn't want to pay $24.95 for something I might not like. :)