Friday, March 20, 2009

Daily Draw - Four of Wands, The Chariot, & The Lovers

I just got such a case of the warm fuzzies when I pulled these three cards today. They seemed to be writing such a pretty little story. I was heartened because I just didn't want to go to work sooo much this morning. It fairly consistently gets tougher and tougher. But I fairly consistently keep on going even though I know I should be moving on, so I make my own bed and continue to lie in it.

However, I digress and look to my happy reading. I did not assign positions to the cards so that they could just tell me a story. Here I see the solid foundation, built on joy, of the Four of Wands, driving me with the cool confidence of The Chariot, towards the wholeness expressed in The Lovers. That's it for 4 am. That's the best I can do *sleepy grin*

This is of course, not the only way the cards could be read, but that is what I saw. I see that continuously cultivating an environment of joy and gratitude is furthering my journey to where I want to be - whole, complete, content.

Incidentally, even though I am simply adoring this deck on the whole, these might be my least favorite Lovers. The Chariot is my Life Path card, and this is one of the favorites of mine to depict it. I really like the feminine presence, and she is just so very sure of herself.

These images are from Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black for Kunati.

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