Friday, April 17, 2009

Daily Draw - The Empress

I like this Empress. She looks like Gaia to me, more so than the RWS Empress, like there is a ferocity abut her if you mess with one of hers, like a mother bear, nearly.

This was a fitting card for me to pull today. It is snowing in Colorado, and I had planned to knock out a great deal of spring cleaning, but I think instead I will cook and bake all day, since there is no point to spring cleaning when it is apparently still winter here. There is a pot of black beans simmering away, and banana bread in the oven. This will make a wonderful cozy meal for moppets and Brother when everyone convenes home again.

I'm content today to be at home, Empress-ing it up.

This card is from the Anna K tarot.

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