Monday, April 6, 2009



That's just how I feel lately. Not so good. Nothing is particularly wrong, but nothing is particularly right, either. This richly dressed woman stands on her balcony, chin resting on the heel of her hand. She either flings or simply lets fall a cup full of expensive wine from her perch.

I wonder why she doesn't leave, climb on down, get out, and go do something. There is a ship sailing away in the background. She could get on it, and go somewhere new, somewhere exciting, somewhere not here. It looks like a Viking ship of old, full of fierce warriors and adventurers.

Fours are about stability, a solid foundation. However, cups are water, and water needs to flow. Otherwise it becomes stagnant, swampy, a breeding place for mosquitoes and disease.

Maybe today I will climb on down and go out in the world and see what there is to see!

I'll be around to read blogs shortly.

This card is from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza for US Games.


  1. I like your depiction of the 4 of cups. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you can come back and do an update on what happened when you got out there today.

  2. Very good 'meh' post. I think we can all relate. xxx

  3. Sounds like a slow-to-arrive spring "meh". I understand. I see the woman has the "key" to her blahs which she is ignoring, but it's dangling from her hair or headdress. She can think her way through what's bothering her, and change it, if she chooses. :) That's my take, anyhow!

  4. Sherry - Thank you! Maybe I will write about it today.

    Lisa - Yeah, we allhave 'em, but none of us want them, right? haha

    swimmingintarot - Yep, she has the key, but I felt so "blah" I didn't even want to write about it, haha.

    Patrick Valenza writes that she is dissatisfied with life's gifts, apathetically tossing them aside, and has locked herself away from life.