Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily Draw - Seven of Swords

This is not the happiest card in the deck, for sure. This card shows a sneaky thief, taking off into the night with the hard won treasures of others, the very height of dishonesty. No matter how you slice it, this is a very distasteful card.

The only problem is, I don't know if it represents me on some level, or someone else in my life.

My first thought is it might have to do with my old work, the one where I experienced so much drama and upheaval last month. The owners do not do things on the up and up, and I will not be surprised if I arrive to pick up my last check to find out something shady is going down with it, which is unfortunate, because I need the money. But there is no use worrying about it before there is a need to worry, so I am just not going to.

The second thought is how does this relate to me? I try to be very honest in all my dealings, but perhaps this is an extra reminder to be even more so today, which I have no problem with at all.

This card is from the Anna K tarot.


  1. I had this card come up for me in the early hours of this morning, as "Where are you now?" in a horseshoe spread. I'm having the same problem: does it represent the fact that I think someone's lying to me (the basis of the reading), or am I deceiving myself? Neither answer is comforting, but I would find it easier to deal with the first one...

  2. I had a thought about this card, I don't know whether it relates to you or not, but perhaps another message it's delivering is a reminder that one must be mindful of the actions they take because there are always consequences. It may indicate that one needs to rethink actions

    Only you will know if this angle applies to you or not. :O)

  3. Just coming back with some number thoughts as to how 7 fits into the tarot sequence. I have come to see it as representing insight, wisdom, personal growth, reflection and confidence. Very often I find the no. 7 gets us to take a good look at ourselves, look inwards, not outwards and to accept our own limitations - then we can explore what we can actually do or not do and from this experience comes personal growth and insight.

    Of course you may not agree with me, but this is what I have found 7's in tarot to be about.

    When I look at all the 7's in the pips they seem to say this one way or another.

    7 cups, is about making a choice, stop day dreaming look at what the real possibilities are.

    7 pents - step back reconsider, have I done enough, could I do something in a better way?

    7 wands, - what am I defending, am I sure it is worth it, how can I improve my skills to meet the challenge etc.

  4. Angela - Yeah, it's never comforting to think we are not being honest with ourselves.

    Helen - those are some really interesting insights, and I will be sure to take them under consideration. I have definitely been examining myself for signs of self deceit and integrity flaws. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts!