Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daily Draw - The Page of Swords

This is from the Anna K tarot (highly recommended, go get one!), and it was another one of my insistent cards. I absolutely despise dealing with court cards. They reliably embarrass me when they come up in a reading, and I was just too tired to deal with this one when I drew it, so I put it back, put the deck away for a while, and came back to it later, while I waited for my pancakes to be delivered at IHOP. By which I mean, I shuffled again and hoped for something "easier". Nope, haha, tarot!

The Page of Swords is my Floppy Hair child. This particular one even resembles him physically, with his beautiful alabaster skin (though I am forbidden to gush over his beauty at his almost 14 year old status) and dark, dark hair in contrast. He is intelligent beyond his years, with a sharp wit to go along with it, but without the maturity to temper either of those things. As a result, he is either raucously funny, or heart stoppingly rude when he is trying to be funny. I trust time will teach him the difference, and while it isn't, I am much enjoying making him write various essays to examine the appropriateness of some of his actions. Sometimes, being a mom is fun!

The child is so smart that he actually works harder to avoid having to work than is he would just do all his school work in a timely manner, and he can argue the black off a judge's robe. We share a birthday, so he is also a Taurus with a Taurus rising and a strong Taurus aspect (slight exaggeration) and he simultaneously is the child that most resembles me in personality and drives me up the freaking wall. His father's favorite admonition to me when he is frustrated with Floppy Hair is, "He is just like you!"

I love my Floppy Hair, to little bitty pieces, and he thrills me and terrifies me all at the same time.

This card is from the Anna K tarot.

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