Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Draw - The Lovers



*snicker* *snort*


For sale or trade - One well used, although gently, once loved Deviant Moon tarot deck(emphasis on once).  Has a bit of a bad attitude and a snarky sense of humor.  Has no filter, and is likely to embarrass you on your blog.  Will trade for a soft, sweet Whimsical tarot.

Deviant Moon, you and your Lovers card can kiss my, well you get the picture.

The thing about love, is, often times, it does not seem to love us back.  The thing about love is, it's dangerous, and it's sweet poison can be so seductive, so entrancing, that we willingly stand there and let the viper bite us.  We can lose ourselves in it, and while that can be the best feeling in the world, it can also be a dangerous place to put ourselves in.  That is because to love truly, and to love wholly, we have to be vulnerable, naked (not just physically), and we have to take that risk, over and over, moment by moment.  And we have to be able to trust someone else with holding the very essence of who we are in their hands.

There is another take on this particular image, one that just occurred to me, after my jaded, mean side got to have its' say.  She is lost in the rapture, completely surrendered to him.  She is literally swooning, and he is holding her up.  Her eyes are closed, lost in the ecstasy of the moment, but his are open wide.  Is he offering himself to the snake, thereby protecting her?

Patrick Valenza's, the deck creator,  take on the card is thus: Locked in a passionate hold, two lovers embrace by a desert lake.  The moon casts a hypnotic trance upon them.  A snake injects them with venom.

Hmm, less helpful than one might hope, although a lake in a desert is a pretty rare thing.  That would be a place where one would want to be, a place to refresh themselves and be filled with the necessary supplies to move on.  But, when one dares not trust to hope, even good things can look dangerous.

Airy Gemini rules the Lovers, and in the RWS version, the archangel Raphael, who has the power to heal,  looks down upon Adam and Eve, before the fall, yet the infamous serpent is still there, waiting his part.  She is looking at the angel, and he (the human) is looking at her.  Gemini facilitates the soul deep communication needed to integrate these two halves of a whole, and the angel Raphael provides the healing that will bind them together, like broken bones that knit tighter than before.  The key, though, is that they have to be willing participants, and I am not sure that I am.  This requires a trust that I am not sure I have yet, a trust in Spirit, who the angel willingly serves, a trust in another person, and, probably deepest of all, a trust in myself that I do not feel sure of anymore.

These images are from the Deviant Moon tarot by Patrick Valenza for US Games Systems, Inc and the Aquatic Tarot by Andreas Schroter.


  1. There is another aspect of the DM lovers card and that is that snake bite, perhaps it's saying Love can and does transform people, but of course with the lovers you do have to make the choice. LOL

    Lovely to see you posting again!

  2. Venom as a transformative - interesting thought! It's lovely to be seen, thank you, Helen!

  3. Ah, I was thinking more about the snake and it's ability to shed its skin being a symbol of transformation.

    But the snakes venom has been used in medicine and it is assoicated I believe with herbal knowledge (I could be wrong of course) and therefore has the power to heal or poison. So perhaps the bite would have the power to heal that heart and transform it or destroy that heart and also transform it - just in different ways. Therefore loves bite can transform I suppose.

    Fancy making me think this hard on a Friday evening LOL.