Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Deviant Moon,

What is your favorite card? Yes, you, the deck. Which card do you like best?

Five of Wands. I should have known. You like to shake things up, and you are not afraid of conflict. When chaos is the overriding energy, you like to wade right in to the heat of it, because calm must be restored. Inner doubts and fears can arise, causing a mess in one's inner landscape, and although you do not enjoy the strife, you do enjoy the sorting out.

Fives are the shake up, the change, the tempering fire. Wands are the passion, and naturally, when dealing with so much fire, one is bound to get burned sometimes. The thing about uncomfortable emotions, even pain, is that they cause us to do what is needful. Getting a minor burn that hurts like a mutha keeps us from getting a third degree burn that does not hurt, but causes irreparable damage. We yelp and pull our hand back before it can get much worse.

So, I can draw the conclusion that you like to help me make sense of the inner turmoil I feel sometimes, sorting it out, thread by thread when needed, and that you enjoy being the voice of reason in what can be a pretty unreasonable place at times.


This image is from Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza for US Game Systems, Inc.

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