Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Intuitive Astrology -The Sun

So I am going to be working my way through the book Intuitive Astrology by Elizabeth Rose Campbell, and you all get to go along with me.

I am fascinated with the science of astrology, but I am overwhelmed with the sheer mass of information that can be found, and it is quite daunting.

So, I considered, Why do I want to learn astrology? The answer is, as for many things, so I can relate it to tarot and learn more and grow further, and also so I can know myself better, so that I can continue to be true to my own self, because that is where I believe true wholeness lies, for me, at least. That led me to begin with a book that focuses on personal astrology, as I feel this will be the best way for me to learn and apply what I find out to my working of tarot.

So, I embark on this journey. There are quite a few sites where one can find out their chart, in great detail. I got this one here.

From page 27 - Find the Sun in your life by completing this sentence:

Above all else I want to - shine bright, and be who I really am. Above all else, I want to feel whole, and good about myself. I want to dwell in the light, and not be frightened by my own shadow.

I want to love and be loved, fully, and wholly, and without fear.

I want to be a good mother, and raise my children to be proud of who they are, whole, and happy themselves.

I want my life to be fragrant with the presence of Spirit, gentle yet awe inspiring, and magical.

I want to write beautiful stories, string words together in such a way that they are changing, and life affirming.

I want to live, experience everything, taste it all. I want to eat good food, and drink good wine, feel my toes get kissed by waves as they dig into white sand. I want to swoosh down a mountainside, snowflakes caught in my hair, and most of all I want to never, ever regret a single moment.

My Sun is in Taurus, represented by the Hierophant, in traditional tarot. The purpose of the Hierophant is to bring the sacred from Heaven to earth, echoing the Lord's Prayer, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven." I do not care for the traditional RWS image of the holy man, who seems anything but, preferring gentler images, such as this one, from the Shadowscapes Tarot, ones that speak of the goodness of God, of His loving care, of His infinite compassion.  My God is one of kindness, and mercy, and all good things flow from Him, and He has not destroyed the Goddess, but is fully integrated with Her, appearing to each of us as we can best understand.

I crave stability, and beauty, and gentility in my life, and I try so hard to be a sweet presence in the lives I touch.

These images are from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-mun Law, forthcoming from Llewellyn.


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