Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Draw - Page of Cups, Hanged Man, Ten of Cups

Who knows why I do the things I do sometimes? I pulled three cards today, just because of the way the wind is blowing (and it is blowing here).

So, according to these cards, the Page tickling the chin of the little fish he is carrying around with him, the Hanged Man in stoic silence as he looks to the happy family in the Ten of Cups, I should be getting a message about love, which I may have to wait patiently for, but will bring me something I desire above all else.

That's a nice dream, but this is the Deviant Moon I am working with, haha.

That fish is completely at the mercy of the Page. A Cup may sustain a fish, but it is certainly not the optimal place for it to live. The Page may think he is doing the fish a favor, but wouldn't the more compassionate thing be to let the fish free in the water behind him? The Page thinks he understands fishy nature so well; he even emulates the fish by donning a cloak that makes him look like one. But he really doesn't know anything. He is walking away from the Hanged Man, selfishly congratulating himself on holding the magic fish in his hands.

The Hanged Man has time hanging from his heel. He takes this "timeout" with a hard face, but I do not really believe his hands are tied behind him. He can hop on down from there any time he chooses. He is just biding his time.

The mother figure in the Ten of Cups cannot stop touching her man. She can't believe he is home, and safe, and she will never take another moment for granted. He can eat crackers in her bed anytime now, and leaving his socks on the floor doesn't seem like such a big deal, after not having him for so long.

These cards remind me that I have some things I need to do before I can expect to have that "traditional" family again. The kidkins and I are for sure a family, with my brother, D, but I want all of that, and more. I need to look at my motivations, and question if I really know as much about relationships as I think I know. I need to go ahead and do my grieving, and stop trying to put it off, or act like I don't care. And I need to appreciative for all that I already do have.

The shadow card for the reading is the Sun, hiding, just like the sun here today, which always causes me to have trouble regulating my own moods. I crave sunshine, I need it. The card reminds me to go ahead and let the Sun shine bright in my inner world, so that I can admire everything about it that is good, and right, and working, and see clearly those things that are not.

These images are from Deviant Moon tarot by Patrick Valenza for US Games Systems, Inc.

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