Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily Draw- Ace of Wands (Will O' The Wisp)

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot- Ace of Wands
Will o' the Wisps are often referred to a "Fool's Fire" and make a great analogy to the Ace of Wands, traditionally a card of spiritual opportunity, potential, fire, and the beginnings of great passionate endeavors.  In the tarot, as in life, we are all on the Fool's Journey, and these crafty little fey point us down a path we may not have seen on our own.  Whether this is for our ultimate good or a mischievous trick depends in part on our own sense of adventure and how willing we are to just see where we end up.

Lisa Hunt's decks often have the suit of Wands representing Air, but it looks to me like she has made a shift with this deck and chosen Fire to represent Wands.  Fire is the quickest moving element, leaving little time to actually think things through, but causing us to simply go with what our gut tells us.  Scientific theory tells us that will o' the wisps may be explained by swamp gases, or atmospheric anomalies, but Wands represent Spirit, and Aces are potential.  We can believe the science, which may be solid, but we could also believe in the magic.  Which one sounds more fun to you?  Which one would suit you better to embrace as your personal truth?

This card is from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. I've never heard of this and I have lived in several swampy areas, Savannah, New Orleans,
    D.C. Thx for teaching me this. And I'll go with the magick side of it lol!

  2. My theory is always go with magic if possible. Thanks for stopping by!

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