Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tarot Spells- A Samhain Celebration

Although my deck of the week is Silver Era Tarot, I can't resist using Halloween Tarot by Kipling West this morning, and I am going to do a little magick with it this morning, too!  The book I am using is Tarot Spells by Janina Renee, published by Llewellyn.

The spell I will be working today is #40, from page 148 in the book, To restrain the actions of a malicious person.  I wish this person well, I wish them happiness, but mostly, I wish them to either go in peace, or stay in peace.

From the book, "Although we acknowledge that each person shares a spark of the Divine, and is therefore worthy of being loved and honored, most of us are all too aware that there are persons whose negative energies and destructive actions have a harmful effect on others.  If such an individual is troubling you, this spell offers protection from both physical and psychic forms of harm.  It utilizes a bell-jar technique, shielding you and deflecting your foe's ill will back to its' source.  Your adversary is restrained by being sealed within a magical container, causing him or her to stew within their own juices.

The cross-shaped layout serves a dual purpose here, the subject or Significator is the person who needs to be restrained (rather than the person who is performing the spell).  If you can't think of an appropriate Significator to use for your adversary, or if this is a case where the identity of the person is unknown to you, it would be acceptable to use the Devil in the central position.  If that seems too intense, you could instead use a King, Queen, Knight, or Page of Swords, as these cards sometimes represent adversaries."

I chose to use the Queen of Cups as the Significator for the person whose malicious actions I would like restrained, because most often that is what comes up for me to represent them, usually ill aspected.

Halloween Tarot Spell- To Restrain the Actions of a Malicious Person

"The Two of Swords, Hanged Man, and Eight of Swords show your would-be troublemaker plagued by indecision, unable to move, and forced to give up his or her malicious plans or actions." ~from Tarot Spells by Janina Renee, page 149.

Temperance would usually top the spread, to encourage this person to self restraint, but in cases where the law must be involved, Justice should be substituted, so substitute I have, though I have become painfully aware that common decency can't be court ordered..

There are more steps to this spell, including meditation, affirmation, and the use of a bell jar, which I won't share, both to protect copyright on the book (you should buy a copy if you want to use it to cast tarot spells) and to protect the identity of the malicious person I am asking for protection from.  I wish them no harm; I only wish them to actively stop trying to cause harm to me and the people I love.

Halloween Tarot- Eight of Pumpkins
Halloween Tarot- The Moon
What will be the result of successfully executing this spell?  The Moon- I think you cannot always know what you set in motion by casting a spell, and that I cannot be sure what the result will be.  I do see a wolf howling in impotent rage, and the rage seems to feed on itself.  The Shadow Card from this reading was the Eight of Pumpkins, which would be Pentacles, and the diligence of the worker shows I will need to be vigilant, too.  I can't let up on this.  The malicious person certainly has unlimited time and resources to spend on being so, and while I have neither the desire to pursue vengeance, and certainly neither the time nor money, I still have to remain constant, because I do not believe this person will stop, because they don't want a pound of flesh for their perceived hurts, but an entire ton, and even that won't fill the awful void in their heart.  It's just too sad.

Tarot Spells are, to my mind, a proactive form of positive visualization, affirmation, and a signal to the Universe that you are ready to take responsibility for your own happiness as well.  I do not believe that I can cause anything to happen that a good and loving God/dess would not allow, and I do believe that anything I may put out into the Universe will come back to me threefold, so I think carefully before casting any sort of magick.  I wish this person no harm.  I wish them joy and love and the beauty of  happy family and self esteem and a life all their own and happiness and freedom from the ties that bind them, but I can't sit idly by and let me or mine come to harm, either.

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to all of you!

These cards are from Halloween Tarot by Kipling West, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. I have the book you mention and find tarot spells very effective. As you say, they make for good visualisations. I've never used the particular spell you selected, but there was a lot of debate about it on AT at one time. It was in the Spirituality forum, though.

    Have a blessed Samhain!

    1. Blessed Samhain to you as well!

      I don't think this particular spell is one to take lightly, and a spell isn't the only action being taken, but at this point, with this person, doing nothing is the equivalent of of standing in the middle of the road as they gun their engine and head straight for us without taking cover. They have been very clear, in word (written too) and deed that they will stop at nothing to see us hurt.

      Like I said in my post, I think it is really important to be clear about what you are doing and why, and to think of it as a manifestation exercise. I don't want this person literally bound, gagged, and carted away. I want them to be happy and to address what I believe are their mental health issues, but I am not a doctor, so who am I to try to diagnose exactly why? I just want their maleficence to hold itself to their own energy field.

      Thanks for stopping by, Carla! I don't miss to many people at AT but you are one I do :-)

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