Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daily Draw - The Empress

I adore this Empress, with her unending love symbolized by the large careen of it she is carrying around with her.  I like to imagine she is sprinkling a bit of it wherever she goes.
The green palette of this image is deeply soothing to me, verdant growth guided by loving hands.

I also adore her earthy beauty, reminiscent of her ties to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  It has long been my belief that a woman often flowers under the warmth of a great love.  Someone comes along and thinks her beautiful, and so she becomes ever more beautiful.  My children think I am lovely, and so I am.  My honey adores me, and so I am adorable.  This is a lovely cycle, and one that I wish for every woman whose sparkling eyes may fall upon this.

My shadow card for the day is the Hermit, here portrayed in my eyes as a sweet, sad creature.  She almost seems to me the Empress displaced, stripped of her calming, soothing home and left alone to wither on a lonely pedestal.  Her beauty has became tattered, like her soul, and the lush garden she once lived in has become a lonely desert.

It's immeasurably sad to me.

For me, today, these cards remind me that I am the Empress, surrounded by love and light, and that anxiety and depression lie, telling me the people who love me best don't at all.  I dwell in that lively garden, and not the wind blown sands, and whenever I do find myself there, return is as simple as the touch of a small child's hand.

These cards are from the Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano for Lo Scarabeo.

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