Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello, Hezicos Tarot!

I was at a loss as to which deck to choose for the week, because they all seemed to be clamoring for my attention.  I have ended up with the Hezicos Tarot in my hand, so I asked - 

What will come of me working with you?  Ace of Rods (Wands).  Well, one could hardly ask for a more promising card, but is it just me or does that little dude not look so enthused?

No matter, I am a bull in a china shop, and I will use this deck, because it is so beautiful for spring, and it is lovely to feel and hold, and the creator, Mary Griffin, has been a real doll to let me use her images and in all my dealings with her.

This card is just beginning to bud.  There is a lot of fresh, new energy, and using this deck for the first time will bring some of that to my reading.  This is also the second Monday in a row that I have been given the Ace of Wands.  It fits, because I do have the idea that diets, and exercise regimens, and new habits, all begin on Monday!

What do I need to know about this deck?  The Chariot.

When I was a young girl, I was horse crazy in the way that young girls can be.  I read about them, dreamed about them, went to sleep with the warm scent of hay and horse in my nostrils, and woke up with an eagerness to muck out stalls that I would never be able to duplicate today.

What I am saying is, I love horses.

What I need to know about this deck is that it is a very strong deck, wild and beautiful, and that it can help move me from one place to another through working with it, so I am very glad for a bit of that energy in my life right now.

These cards are from the Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin.

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