Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daily Draw - Four of Wands

My card today is this cozy, warm, delightful Four of Wands.  Their winter is nearly over, and the occupants have enjoyed a close time of togetherness.  It is a stable, pretty place.

My shadow card is the Ten of Wands.  It is  lovely to rest and relax in the winter, but it takes planning and care to get there, and lots of hard work.  It is good for me to remember that even in the middle of the fairy tale someone needs to scrub the floors.

Balance, balance.

Edit:  Late last night, the day of this pull, it began to snow.  And snow.  And then snow some more.  Twelve hours later, it is still snowing.  Gotta love springtime in the Rockies.  It was sunny and 70 degrees yesterday, and we were all wearing light clothing.  I went to the grocery store yesterday so I am grateful to be all snug and warm inside  and not outside hauling things in.  So, while I was looking for some deep insight with these cards, it's likely they were just telling someone too out of touch with the electronic world (beyond blogging) to be aware of the changing weather.  I love tarot!

These cards are from the Maat Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts.

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  1. I noticed both of the cards featured a lot of snow ~ I was thinking "Brr!" as I took them in. :)