Saturday, March 27, 2010

Daily Draw - Ten of Cups

My issue card of the day is the Ten of Cups, which would hopefully never be an issue at all, but sometimes is.  It is a picture of a happy family, in this deck, dog included and all.  This is a good example of a card being poorly aspected, when sometimes a "happy" card is not so much, and an "difficult" card could be not so difficult after all.  I do not read reversals for this reason, because I believe every card has a range of meaning that it is the readers' job to glean from the spread, card position, surrounding cards, and good ol' intuition.

So, for me, this card speaks of the internal dramas of my family we are having at this moment.  Floppy Hair is being an absolute pill, being nearly 15 and taller than me he feels he is an adult and ready to make adult decisions but all his actions fairly scream otherwise.

Brother and I are not getting along fantastically.

The Ex probably wants to move the kidlettes to a school district closer to him, which would put a distinct crimp in our current lifestyle.  We all live in the same city, but it is a sprawling monster of a city, and while the thought of driving them across town makes me want to weep, I imagine it has been frustrating for him too this past year.  (Look how evolved I am becoming, able to take his feelings into perspective.  *smile*)

My lesson card is the Seven of Cups.  So many times, this card is described as too much daydreaming, too many choices, too much to think about.  In this image, my eye was first drawn to the house, and the dragon, and the hearts, in that order.  To me, that is significant because I am worried about my home and the harmony of it, and the dragon is creeping around sowing little, and big, seeds of discord.  The hearts though are full and we still love each other despite it all.

What I feel this card means is that there is a creative solution to all our problems, or solutions, even.  I just have to find it.  By daydreaming, possibly, which is not always about lazing around.  Thinking outside the box is what is going to help me to come to some good answers.

These cards are from the Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin.

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