Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily Draw - Princess of Swords

I am not the world's biggest fan of this particular rendition of this card, let me start by saying that.  I do not eat meat, and while I see the reasons to, it still disturbs me to see an animal killed, so I figure that if I can't face where it comes from, I do not need to have it.  She is described as Diana, goddess of the hunt, who only takes what is freely offered and only what she needs.  Still, I am bothered, and I am not going to lie about that.
Generally, when the Page of Swords shows up, who this card corresponds to, that is my Floppy Hair, nearly 15 and taller than me, all sharp words, but still needing hugs.  I don't think it is him, today, though.  The card corresponds to Full Moon in Taurus, which the artist also attributes to Death in her Majors only Blue Moon Tarot

Pages are trying to make sense of their world, and Swords to me are about intellect, and learning, thoughts and ideas becoming real.  I am about to undertake what I find a massive project that will include many hours of study and hopefully much gain of knowledge.  I believe any other Page of swords would be pointing to the rightness of that, but I am having trouble reconciling this image with that idea.

The clarifying card is the Hermit, which makes perfect sense to me.  This project is going to demand lots of time, time spent alone, in contemplation as well as study.  I hope to retreat into my Hermit's world, and emerge ready to be a beacon to others, if that will be of help to them.
I will likely be back later, when I have reconciled this Princess with what I think I know.  *smile*

These cards are from the Maat Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts.

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