Saturday, March 27, 2010

Queen of Swords (Blows Her Top)

How can I be most successful at work today?  The Queen of Swords has shown up to show me.

I generally see her as someone who is imminently logical, and as a Queen, she is a user of logic.  I see Kings as embodiment of the trait, and the Queen as manifestation.  That told me it would be a good idea to remain calm and cool and logical throughout the day.

I am a bit at odds within myself at times, and I think my astrology can explain that somewhat.  My sun sign is Taurus, slow and plodding, associated with the King of Pentacles and the Hierophant, and while slow to anger, is pretty righteous to behold when it finally blows up.  My rising sign is Libra, who is associated with the Queen of Swords, and Justice.  It is terribly important to me that everything be fair, and balanced, which of course cannot always happen.  These are not excuses for me when I fall short, but just insights to me as to where I can look to improve.

Having said all that, let me just now say that I did not embody the cool qualities of this Queen when it mattered most today.  I let someone, who may have deserved it, but I am not the magistrate, judge, jury or hangman to decide, have the sharpest side of my tongue, and I do not feel good about it.  Tensions were already riding high, and by letting the shadow of this Queen take over today, I did not help the situation.

Well, there is always next time.

This queen is from the Hezicos tarot by Mary Griffin.

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