Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Draw - Five of Rods

These are my children.  And me.  And Brother.

Our house is not so harmonious at the moment.

We are supposed to be a family, and we are a family, but things are really topsy turvy at the moment.  Floppy Hair is a teenager, and as such it is his job to destroy the world.  Little Big Man is the middle child, and all that entails, and NicNoodle has possibly a smidge too much princess energy and not enough goose girl energy.  Brother is a grown man but seems to be easily enticed into the kids' little (and big) dramas and sometimes it seems like four kids, not three.

There is me, in the middle, trying to break it up, but becoming part of the melee instead.

Not a pretty picture.  Wanna come over for dinner tonight?

I often tell my kids to treat each other kindly, and tattling is the biggest on my list of no-nos.  They are not likely to get any more siblings, and ultimately, I would prefer they were a close-knit group than knowing who ate the last Ding Dong.

The lesson - as I look at the Eight of Swords, first I notice that she is so frazzled her hair is sticking out on end.  Yep, that is me some days.

The sky around her seems to be that dark just before a storm, tempestuous and raging.

I usually think of this card as refusing to budge, to see what is really there, but this time, maybe it is more of a choosing to not move, fully knowing that a storm is raging.  In this situation, that is me taking myself out of the conflict that is happening in the Five of Rods, and deliberately not seeing, letting them work their own things out for once.  The ground in this card, storm or no, is much more fertile and able to support life than in the previous card, and doing so may very well lead to more solutions making themselves apparent.

One thing I do know is, what I am doing is not working, so taking some time out to re-evaluate could certainly do no harm.

These cards are from the Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin.

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