Monday, March 8, 2010

Daily Draw - Queen of Cups, Four of Wands

Today, the lovely Queen of Cups has made an appearance, though the suit is referred to as Chalices in this deck.

She peers down a well, perhaps making a wish on a coin.  This idea is is further emphasized for me by the clarifying card I drew -

The Four of Wands.  This little girl is about to make her birthday wish as she blows out the candles.  It's funny how when we are children, our wishes are large and expansive, and that seems like just the beginning, but we start to censor ourselves and our desires as we age.

I wonder why we are afraid to trust in our dreams anymore.  Could it be the pain of disappointment is so hard to face that we choose a life devoid of magic rather than face the pain of believing yet not receiving?

I generally see the Four of Wands as a very complete card, quite joyful and happy.  I have the distinct impression these cards are telling me today that the path to my security and joy is down a more fanciful route than I tend to imagine for myself.  I am an ever-practical Taurus, but what if it is okay for me to let my fanciful desires decide what comes next for me?

What would I do if there were no fear?

The shadow card was the Seven of Swords.  The figure in the card stands on a wind swept field, watching the birds take off to follow their destiny, while he waits.  I get a feeling of melancholy from the card, of desire chained in the name of what-I-should-do.

This is the time to let love and light, and effervescent faith, make my choices, and to banish fear and doubt to the dark corner they would put me, if I let them.

These cards are from the Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano for Lo Scarabeo.

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