Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Draw - Princess of Coins, Five of Cups

Today I have drawn the Princess of Coins, and clarified her with the Five of Cups.

These two ladies are very similar, making it clear to me that the choice is mine - I can start down the path, get that much further by sundown,  or I can sit and cry.

Crying is a very real need, an energy that must be expressed, and there can be no doubt about that, but sadness and regret can also become a trap, a way to stay in one place when a person would really be best served by moving on down the road.

It will take a lot of hard work to get to where I want to be, to earn my living solely from my creative endeavors, to live the kind of life I am envisioning for myself, and some days the burdens I bear weigh heavy on me.  Some days, it's a lucky thing indeed if I manage to get dinner on the table and kids semi-clean before bed, let alone manage to write a heart breaking work of staggering genius.  Yet, every journey begins with just one step, and just one more.  I get far ahead of myself at times, wishing for the fruition of the thing before I have put in the hard work necessary.

And each moment has its' own joy to experience.  The woman in the Five of Cups is surrounded by breath taking beauty, but she is oblivious.  It rather sucks that she no longer has what was in those three cups, but it is also rather wonderful that she still has the two.  And who knows, perhaps her feline companion needed whatever was lost more.

I am going to lift my head, revel in Spring, and start taking those steps.  Beginning with cleaning my work space to be beautiful, organized, and inspiring.  Even if it's drudgery to get there.  *smile*

These cards are from the Maat Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts.


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