Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily Draw - Ten of Swords

Today's card from the Heart Tarot is the Ten of Swords, which usually can be described as a "difficult" card at best, but there is no dread in this image for me at all.

What I do see is perfect trust, so deep that she does not even need to be blindfolded, she just has her eyes closed, as placid as a frozen lake in winter.  She does not flinch, she does not squeal, she just trusts.

I often feel like I am the figure in the picture.  The knives are the bills to pay and the kids to raise and the constant worry that I am not doing enough, or I could be doing better, and my children are suffering for it.  Except I, unlike she, scrabble and scramble and dodge, not always successfully, those knives, and I, unlike she, have the scars to prove it.

But if I could just hold still, be still, and trust, maybe I wouldn't.

Edit:  So, for my shadow card today, I drew the Emperor, who I just did not feel like dealing with.  Why?  I am not sure. Maybe partly because I do not trust him, and even as I say that, I realize that something is skewed in my thinking from most people, because the Emperor as a father figure should be eminently trustworthy.  That, of course, makes me realize why I was seeing the Ten of Swords as so much about trust while reading these two cards.  I am not sure who the Emperor is in my life, and that alone is probably part of why I find him such a distasteful figure.  I never knew my father, and I was raised by my grandfather, mostly, who was kind and loved me, and I never doubted it.  I do not think, though, that I ever saw him as authoritative as the Emperor.

This card is from the Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano for Lo Scarabeo.


  1. I really like this heart card, it's a nice !0 of Swords. What I see here is acceptance; she knows those knives are going to be thrown at her, that standing there while the thrower tosses one after the other in her direction, is just her job. She can deal with them one at a time and her acceptance of this is what leads to a transformation of her situation.

    My god I do go on don't I! LOL

    Very nice deck Amanda!

  2. That is a great observation, Helen! The Ten of Swords as acceptance.

  3. Hello Manda,
    I like your insights about the 10 of Swords.
    Very down to earth.
    Makes me think of an old saying, "go ahead-make my day". lol.
    Great blog! Seaqueen

  4. I wonder if the Emperor as a shadow, indicates that deep down somewhere you might not set yourself enough boundaries, that this then causes you to have disruption in your life at times.... Putting them together the 10 says if you accept whatever it is coming into your life and deal with it without getting hurt then a transformation of perception can take place, but the shaddow says perhaps you need to also make sure that you have some rules for yourself and for others, a sort of protection barrier if you like so that you can form some structure and stability.

    Enough from me - waffling again, all from the top of my head, and somewhere deeper :)