Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daily Draw - The Fool, Four of Pentacles, King of Cups

It's easier to go your own way, to take risks and follow your dreams off into the sunset when you have taken care of house at home, so to speak.  Having a little something something in the bank makes that leap somehow easier.  This is my dilemma to face at the moment.  I have dreams, big ones, but I don't know to get from where I am to where I wanna be, and the precarious balance of love and money is forcing that issue for me.  Then the King of Cups over there laughs, like he just knows it's all gonna be all right, and I am a mess worrying about it all for nothing.  God, I hate smug assholes who laugh at me when I am legitimately worried.  It's not like I am alone in the world with this worry, either.  We all have dreams to follow, and practical concerns that could keep us from them.  the trick of it comes in learning how to meet all the day to day details while also being authentically you.  I don't have it all down, yet, but I am working on it.

Since I have The Fool and that smug King facing away from the uptight Four of Pentacles, I feel their energy rejects his.  There is a kind of scarcity thinking that perpetuates itself when we let it, and the Fool is blithely unaware of the concerns the gruff ol' bear the Four of Pentacles holds, while the King of Cups is a mature gentlemen, so while he is likely aware, he just doesn't seem too concerned.  Since he is a trustworthy King, when he is not reflecting my inner smug assholery to me, I can believe him.  So I need to be aware of my pennies and where they go, but I also need to have faith that this is a temporary situation, that taking my leaps, that doing what I love, will be the ultimate answer.

God I hope so...

These images come the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, available here.


  1. I want the Prairie Tarot so badly! But a friend told me that the ten of something shows a dead buffalo. I can't handle that. I had to trade away the Buckland Romani because of the Hanged Man card (a dead rabbit hung up by the feet to be skinned and eaten).

  2. It's the Ten of Swords, which strangely enough I flipped over right off the top of the deck when I went to flip through to see which card it was. It is fairly apt for the Ten of Swords, I think. The buffalo is not bleeding, the swords don't go through it, but now you are aware if you see that one in the title of this week's blogs, don't look.

    I am not a fan of the Buckland Romani Hanged Man bunny, either. I don't eat meat, but the real tragedy of both of those cards, to me, is not that an animal has been killed for food, because that is the circle of life, but particularly in the Ten of Swords dead buffalo, they have been killed cruelly, inhumanely, and for naught.

    I'll make sure to not scan that card for the review. It's a good deck, I feel, and these are the kind of myths I really understand.

  3. No, scan away! I've seen it. I went and searched it out. It puts me off the deck, but not as much as that rabbit in the BR. I understand the story behind the Prairie imagery, too. Why would people do that? People.