Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Leaf Tuesday - August 16, 2011

Looks like a mixed bag week coming up!

 Well, new opportunities are always nice to have, and I love the thought of walking through an archway into such an open garden.  With five kids going back to school and a trip to San Francisco coming up, of course we are in a financial pinch, so no surprise there.  We like pasta and I have decks to last me into the apocalypse, so no real worries.  I'll look forward to a romantic celebration, which makes sense because since we can't agree what the true anniversary is we get to celebrate all of the ones in dispute.  No arguments here!  (Once the wedding anniversary rolls around I suppose I shall have to settle for just the one...)  There already is some family sorrow, sorry to say, and I can see where it may intensify over the coming week, so while I don't look forward to that it's part and parcel of the package of loving other people.  I feel vaguely uneasy about the karma card, reaping what you have sown, but I try to only sow good things, so it shouldn't be painful, and may actually be good, and although I do not want any wedges, I am confident in my ability to handle any that may pop up, and above all soars that Eagle card, with the promise of triumph over our troubles.

I shall be back to update next week!

Update, August 23, 2011:  Well, I definitely had a new opportunity open up, in the form of a MASSIVE writing project I have undertaken.   It really is huge.  I have had offers of, and probably need, a research assistant.  As I guessed, the kidtauplets school stuff was a small fortune, and The Man's surgery bills came in, not such a small fortune.  We will definitely be running a much tighter ship while we deal with those.  We had a great weekend, bowling with friends, and with two of the five kiddos hanging out with us and working hard.  The family sorrow probably comes from one of them not being able to join us, due to his own choices, and we felt the sting of that.  We also missed Miss Thang, the girl child, as it was her weekend with her dad.  My ever sweet husband keeps surprising me with little tasty treats and romantic text message notes.  It's cute.  I'm smitten.  I do not know who would be trying to drive a wedge anywhere in my life, or if I do I can't say it on a public forum, and I am not worried about it at all, because I have finally learned the trick of surrounding myself with good people.  I have my family, both the blood one, the married one, and the ones I have chosen, and every other little ol' thing ain't nothing to me.

I think the karma thing has to do with my poor choices in diet and exercise in recent months and how they are coming back as backlash now.  I have developed a painful stomach condition that I guess feels like acid reflux or heartburn, but it is constant.  The only time I ever had heartburn was at the end of pregnancy, so this is new.  I used to eat very little processed food and was quite active, but becoming a full time writer and tarot reader as opposed to a busy waitress has cut my activity level down quite a bit and I have to make an effort to get a workout in whereas before it was just part of my regular day.  I have also modified my diet and that of my kids to better fit in with what The Man and the stepsons are used to, but their diet sucks and now they are going to have to get used to mine, haha!  I  have started a full body cleanse and cleansing diet, and this morning I felt much improved, so I went for a long walk and did some yoga.  I am committed to reverting to my better eating ways and getting that yoga and walk in, at a minimum, every day.  This is also good for my mental health.  I will also get to the swimming pool and Zumba classes at least twice a week, so I should be better in quick order!

These cards are from the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn.


  1. I was thinking, as I read another post of yours, about how thoughtful you are. I know that I don't know you "in real life" but I can't imagine you having something nasty coming at you, because of your own actions.

    I like your more positive take on things; I saw that card about someone trying to put a wedge between you and something or someone, and felt tense. The card of Triuumph, is definitely nice to see at the end there. :)

  2. I like these cards. I like oracles which tell you what they mean without leaving you wondering what the message is in practical terms. Nice reading.


  3. Awww, (((Angela))) You are the best! I try to be a positive person, but we all have quibbles and slip ups. Thank you for the kind words. I feel a little tense about some of these cards, too, but I am sure that I am in a good place to handle whatever life throws my way. We shall wee...

    I like oracles that tell me exactly what to read, too. I have spent so long with tarot that while I like to look at the pretty art of other kinds of cards I have little patience for learning new systems, which makes the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards perfect for me, haha!

  4. It's funny but sometimes the meanings of these cards don't go with my first impressions, so I wonder if I should use both? I guess so!

    When I see the 'wedge' card it looks like a delicious, ornate wedge of brie cheese. Yum...

    :D Hah! I guess I'm hungry.

  5. It looks like a wedge of cheese to me, too, which might be why I am not taking it too seriously... like it is a "cheesy" wedge. Whenever we all sit down together some chucklehead or another inevitably tries to seat themselves right between me and The Man, that is kinda cheesy.

    I am not reading these cards intuitively, because I have enough on my intuitive plate with the tarot, so I like these cards precisely because they can read just as they fall. I think my intuitive part comes from trying to figure out what parts of life they pertain to.