Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comfort Me, Transparent Oracle

Have you ever seen Emily Carding's innovative round oracle deck, the Transparent Oracle, published by Schiffer Books?  It is really fun, and a perfect foil to her Transparent Tarot.  They can totally be used together.

I'm a bit in a funk after returning from my trip, and a bit nervous about what comes next as I am not too much looking forward to the next trip, on Friday, so I asked these clear round cards for some comfort.  My cards are Mercury, Gateway: The Celestial Realm, and Element: Fire, which you can see combined here.

Mercury is the planet of communications, as many of us have felt recently while it was in retrograde, and the Gateway card to the Celestial Realm combined with the element of fire suggests I will get comfort from checking the astrological chart for the coming weekend.  It would also likely help me to have some clear communications about what I expect, what is expected of me, and how to bridge the two.  Two of the cards I have are from the direction of Above, and the book's entry from the 13th card of Element: Fire advises that Fire combined with Above cards speak of the power of prayer and divine will.  To me, this suggests two things- One, that I will feel better about the situation through spending time in prayer and meditation, which is always sage advice, but being particularly pointed to it now is telling.  Two, some things about the upcoming trip, and just my life in general this week, are as they should be, are in accordance with the divine will of God, and I don't have a lot of options so I can let go and just trust.  The meditation part will probably help me feel calmer and more readily accepting of whatever may come, and I have been repeatedly been getting messages that meditation is what I need to move to the next level in many areas.  This also relates back to my weekly Tea Leaf Fortune Reading as I need to pay close attention to my health, and be aware of the Angel that is watching over me.  I'm not convinced I need a whole angel just for little old me, but I'll take what I can get.

These cards are from the Transparent Oracle by Emily Carding for Schiffer Books.


  1. I have always been fascinated by the Transparent Tarot/Oracle - and at the same time, I confess I find them very complex to read! It's hard for me to understand the message of the image created in your reading, for instance. But suppose it gets easier as you use it!

    From your interpretation, I believe the cards are giving you a very 'Zen' answer: do not resist whatever is coming. Unconsciously you are resisting change, and that's what is making you feel unease. Use meditation as a way to explore this inner resistance, and slowly let go of it.

    I think it's a wise advice! :)

  2. Actually, I don't understand the message in my reading at all, except for the Mercury sign, which was a good starting point. Like most oracles, I had to refer to the book. This oracle happens to have a very good structure; just I have not learned it yet. The Transparent Tarot is brilliant though, and I find very readable!

    I would agree with you. We are going on a trip with The Man's friends and that is their domain, so I feel a bit uneasy, but you are right- I don't really have any choices so I may as well not resist. Thank you for your comments!

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