Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daily Draw - Knight of Cups, Seven of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

These cards make me chuckle as I watch the Knight of Cups get the hell out of dodge.  He DOES NOT want whatever that naked lady in the Seven of Cups is selling and is gonna be pretty clear on that.  This makes me think he is a big talker and when push comes to shove he just does not have the cojones to see it all through.  I can imagine the Knight of Pentacles looking on stoically, but I"ll bet he is grinning sarcastically on the inside.  He is not a flighty Knight; he has what to takes to make the hard choices and then see them through.

For me, today, these cards bring a message about standing and facing what scares us, even when we have to choose and it seems there is no good one to make.  At the very least, the Knight of Pentacles can defend his ground, while the fleeing Knight of Cups has left his rear exposed and in perfect shot distance.

Update:  As I look at these cards now, I wonder what the hell the Knight of Cups thinks he is getting away with as he jets off with one of her cups.  He took the empty one anyway, as is his karma for being a stinky thief.  Some punk little neighborhood kids broke into my car, although I just leave it unlocked and devoid of anything of interest since I can't afford any new windows at the moment.  They took my gum, though, and I felt skeevy in my car.  It sucks that I have to make a choice between the rifling through of my stuff and a broken window, but maybe the Colorado Make My Day law extends to vehicles?  In any case, I made the pragmatic (Knight of Pentacles) choice, although I didn't like it (Seven of Cups) to leave the doors unlocked, which made it easier for the thieves to abscond with my gum, which while basically worthless still bothers me (Knight of Cups).  I am still hoping for them to get shot in the butt, though.  I'm not that enlightened.

These cards are from the Tarot of Durer published by Lo Scarabeo.


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