Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily Draw - Two of Cups, Hanged Man, Seven of Swords

The things we do for love...

When we make a sacred agreement we think we mean it in the moment.  We probably do.   Sometimes that agreement includes the words, "For better or for worse" when what we usually mean is "For as long as you still satisfy me sexually and we don't have any money troubles and I feel safe and secure and we don't argue and our kids are perfect angels and no one better looking or with more money comes along".  But then one or more of those things don't happen, and what do we do?

These cards to me look like when push comes to shove after our word has been given, what do we do?  Tough it out, nailed to the letter of our word, no matter the price, or slinking off into distance, telling ourselves whatever we need to hear to make our betrayal palatable to our own tastes?  And is there anything in between those two extremes when we find promises are more easily given than kept?

These cards, in that interpretation, aren't about me and my marriage, at least not today.  We are crazy happy together, warts and all.  But I have not always been real successful at the through thick and thin part of any relationship.  They are a glimpse at what could be, though, and a reminder to myself that in every moment I get to choose who I am, how I react, where I go, and how I comport myself.

Update:  These cards ended up being not about my marriage today, but another intense and love filled relationship, in which I had to make a really hard choice, one that hurt me deeply, and will for a long time, and one which the other person who is in the relationship likely feels is an act of betrayal.  It wasn't, it was intense love, although of the tough variety, and I hope that it looks like that when we come out on the other side of this.

These cards are from the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, available here.


  1. I really like these cards. They have their own unique language and you read them so well.

    Some interesting thoughts there. I like how you speak of the 2 of Cups especially. It is a card which can be taken within the moment, depending on what that moment consists of. And what a wonderful 7 of Swords. I see this layout in the relationship of others I know in recent times. It's as though those words have been put on hold under different and challenging circumstances.

    A great blog, by the way!


  2. Thank you for the compliments! They ARE great cards, and I am so pleased the artist decided to offer them.

    I like this Seven of Swords, too, as much as I can bring myself to like that card at all, anyway.

  3. I confess that the middle card scares me a bit. I am familiar with the particular ritual depicted, but I can't help but feel the pain, even if it's for a scared reason. Ouch!

    The mistake people make is thinking that a relationship is the place in which they arrive after a journey. Nope. The relationship IS the journey.

    If you see your relationship as something that can be shaped by the people involved, you have more chances of not letting the disappointments ruin it. Something is not good? Then lets talk about it, because we create our relationship. It's our work-in-progress and we can still change it! ;o)

  4. The Hanged Man in this deck is a pretty painful looking card. That's probably the point. We see lots of beautific Hanged Man(s) (Hung Men? Hanged Men? Haha!) but the reality couldn't have been very pleasant. I feel you, though, Marina. Ick.

    That's some pretty sage relationship advice, too.

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