Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gods and Titans Talkin' Sweet

I'm excited about the prospect of my new project, like excited enough to feel butterflies, so I asked the Gods and Titans to tell me what I could expect from undertaking my new project.  The first card is a potential obstacle, represented by Eros, the second the way through that obstacle, Loki, and the third the end result, Green Man.

I can see Love being a great potential inhibitor of this project, because I am so crazy in love with the idea, which is a very necessary component to any large creative project.  I need to feel ferocious love for it in order to have the energy to see it through, but much like a marriage, you are not always crazy in love with your projects and your commitment to seeing it complete is what takes you through that hard time with it.  I can also see myself not being as rational about the project as I may need to be, because any criticism could shut me down.  Love is a strong force, but in order to love we leave ourselves exposed.  I need this love to make me strong, not break me down.

The way through the obstacle that Eros is presenting me is Loki, who is a hard god to get a handle on, and probably should be.  The classic trickster, though, had the knack of not taking himself too seriously while remaining deadly intent on his goal at all times.  Although the work I would like to undertake is scholarly, it also has amazing potential for entertainment value, and while I can certainly study with the best of them, my writing style lends itself better to a novel than a scholarly treatise.  I think I will maintain the integrity of my work and stay more true to my own voice by keeping this in mind and keeping a commitment to only do me.

The end result, if I have read the cards right and followed their advice, is the Abundance of the Green Man, the energy of growth and prosperity.  Prosperity is not only about financial matters, though it is a much easier thing to feel prosperous when you can afford a bottle of wine with dinner and a new tarot deck every now and then, but about the way we feel about ourselves and how content with our lives we are.  Successfully completing this project would, at the very least, bring me the deep satisfaction of knowing I could do it, and I believe also has great potential to be a financial success as well.  Just the shift in consciousness, where I think of myself as an author and somewhat expert in my field, as opposed to a dabbling writer and amateur, is likely to change my life in myriad ways, not least of which the way I present myself and my work.

I have a good, contented feeling from these cards and this reading, and I feel ready to take this project on.

These cards are from the Gods and Titans by Stacy DeMarco and Jimmy Manton for Blue Angel Publishing.


  1. The project sounds very exciting, and the reading from the Gods was lovely. You go, girl!

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