Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Showcase- Surrealist Tarot

Today's showcase deck is the Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach, who you can visit on facebook or at Tarotsmith.

I adore black and white decks, and this one definitely fits the bill!  It has been self published and came to me all the way from Singapore.  It is definitely not a traditional tarot, and it is not aiming to be, either, so hold on loosely and take a ride.  The cards themselves are playing card size, and the images show up quite well even at that smaller size.  It seems to be a deck with a sarcastic sense of humor!  There are some carsd some people may find disturbing, though I sense they are meant to be more a "black" kind of humor, or the sort of disturbing that makes you think, not just goes for the gross out factor, but all the images are available online and I encourage you to check them out, not just take my word for it.

Can you tell these are naughty cards that do not wish to line up in the scanner properly?  They are beautifully printed on lightly laminated card stock, I promise you!  I am the one with issues.

These cards come from the Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach, and can be seen and purchased at Tarotsmith.

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