Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daily Draw - Queen of Swords, Four of Swords, Temperance

These cards look like the way I parent the kids, the way The Man parents, and the happy balance between them.

I am all Queen of Swords, which is not surprising since I have Libra, the ruler of this Queen, rising in my natal chart.  Rising signs are the mask we display to the world, and I struggle to be intensely fair, not least because one of our kids is an intense Libra himself, and he calls every single thing he perceives as "not fair".  I also have two stepsons, which is an altogether new experience for me.  Kids I am old hat with, but kids that go back to their mama who is likely drilling them for information about how they live here, not so much.  I try very hard to give logical consequences, and rewards, to behavior and situations, but I love all of them, to little bitty pieces, which is why I think we see the watery Queen here rather than a harsher card.

And it annoys the ever living bejesus out of me that my husband is much more lackadaisical where the kids are concerned, much like it looks like the Queen of Swords is brandishing her sword at the relaxed fellow in the Four of Swords.  I want my home in order and he wants to snooze.  Grrrr...

The last card, Temperance, speaks of how both elements are necessary to blending a happy family, how we are probably a good combination as parents, that I shore him up where he is weak, and he does the same for me, how our strengths complement each other, too.  I often think of temperance as the active management of our lives, the things we do to make it better, and this card illustrates it nicely with the chemist mixing up his draught.  (Is it wrong to hope it's a sleeping draught for kids?)  I also see keeping the kiddos busy as a great way to avoid conflict, because if they are too busy to fight then they become to tired to fight and no fighting over inane stuff makes me a happy mom.  And you know what they say...

And so concludes my very pleasant week with the Prairie Tarot.

These cards are from the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, available here.

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