Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Draw - The World, Seven of Wands, Five of Swords

When we feel passionately about things is when we become the most dangerous to mess with.  I really, really need these cards to just be making a statement about life in general, and not be predictive for me today, because I cannot fight with anyone today.  I need peace, I need calm, I need serenity.  But sometimes pretending everything is all right is a balancing act that needs to be upset, for the greater good of everyone involved.

Update:  I still don't know how these cards related to me today, as it was a quiet little day in my quiet little world.  I wrote, I cleaned bathrooms, I took Little Big Man to the skate park.  I did a client reading and I made leftovers for dinner.  The Man and I cleaned out our cars, then sat companionably together looking at our laptops. All the peace, calm, serenity I begged for when I posted.  I did read on facebook that the 9th of Av, today, in kabbalistic teachings,  is the worst day.  Maybe these cards were for the world at large, standoff fights with no good resolution, precarious balances being upset.  I hope it passed well for you all, and prayers and love go out to the United Kingdom, especially the victims and police, and for the misguided rioters as well.  They maybe don't deserve love, but they surely need it.  Just like me.

These images are from the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, available here.

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