Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily Draw - Nine of Cups, Strength, Knight of Cups

The satisfaction we see in the Nine of Cups is what I feel on these Fridays, which we call "kid weekends" in our house, when all the kidtauplets make their way here (Every other weekend we don't have a name for, but there is nobody here but us chickens then.  It's quiet, and good for us to have time just for us, but sometimes we don't know what to do with ourselves without the kids.  At least I don't.  I suspect The Man has some rather good ideas what to do with Himself, but dads tend to be different.)

So the kids all gather round the homestead, and I am happy and content with my little family, enjoying everyone's company.  Except that, five kids give us five different personalities to get to interact smoothly, and have to referee at times.  The Man likens it to herding cats, and the woman in the middle might be trying to do just that in the Strength card.  The Knight of Cups, he is turning away from all this hullabaloo, offering up a cup where you might expect a cowboy to be the one with a lasso, and I believe that is my advice for this weekend with the kidtauplets:  Enjoy them, enjoy the family time, be patient and gentle, but when it gets to be too much, it's okay to take a break, to retreat to my quiet place.  That may be the only way to stay sane.

The Nine of Cups, and the Knight of Cups with his offering, first brought to mind the phrase, "Mommy drinks because you cry." and I think that is hilarious, but I don't need anyone calling any social workers on me.  The lady in the Strength card also looks as though she might be trying to rope the picture of the lascivious lady in the Nine of Cups, who has her back turned to all of us.  The romantic Knight of Cups also has his back turned to the whole situation, so that makes me think of how, when we have that many kids at a time, it's hard for us to either find the time and privacy, or muster up the inclination, to be terribly romantic with each other, because kids really are effective birth control.  Sunday evening is always a reconnecting time, and as much as I adore the children and want them around, I also adore my husband and realize that once we are done raising these children there will be just us, and staying connected and maintaining a relationship that is not just about being parents is important.

These images come from the Prairie Tarot by Robin Ator, available here.


  1. Manda, I hope you realise that you are an enabler-extraordinaire! When you first started drawing from this deck I thought "Nah, I don't need that, I'm not sure I like it, I can resist it." As the days go on, I see more in the images and am charmed by them - argh! Anyhow, wishing you a fun weekend with all the kids, and I think your reading of the Knight of Cups as taking some you-time when you need it sounds just right :)

  2. I agree, the images are very charming! I did not think I needed this deck when I first saw it, but I have spent a very pleasant week with it now and I am very glad it came to me!

    Blueberry muffins in the oven, then we are off to a Magic tournament- so far so good on the weekend! Thank you!

  3. I'm intrigued, what's a Magic tournament? Amateur magicians fighting for who can disappear the most handkerchiefs :>

  4. On that would be fun! Magic is a card based combat game set in a fantasy world, and all four boys are addicts. Me, I just like cards and coffee so I have fun here, too.

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