Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Draw - Ten of Wands, King Of Pentacles, Ten of Cups

These cards today are illustrating my sickness.  While I battle with my wayward stomach, my house is burning around me, little fires that add up, like laundry and dishes sitting on the counter while I do not feel good enough to drag myself around to get to it, and the burden weighs heavily on me, as we can see in the Ten of Wands.  The King of Pentacles tends to be The Man in my readings, and look, he is sweeping in to pick up the pieces for me and to ensure our home remains happy and peaceful while I recover, which keeps us all Ten of Cups feeling, lovey dovey.  He deserves some major props, because this weekend he got our basement cleared out, with the help of two of the kidtauplets, and shampooed all our carpets.  Let me tell you, I thought there was nothing sexier than a man with a vacuum before, but now I know there is- a man with a steam carpet cleaner!  My house smells fresh and clean and the floors look great!  Thank you, sugar!

These cards are form the Tarot of Durer published by Lo Scarabeo.


  1. Sorry to hear that you're sick. I was wondering why you'd suddenly stopped posting, and hoped that nothing bad had happened. I've been feeling sick today, too. :/

    Your post with all of the mopey cards could make me LOL when I think of myself, if I hadn't been living that way for so long. I didn't take it personally, but cards like the Five of Cups, have been my default setting for too long now, and I've been trying to adjust my thoughts to shift the moods - and then I something else happens that has me wary of getting up again. ;) I told another online friend, last year - just before my birthday - that I was going to have to change my nickname to Mopena, if something didn't change.

  2. I'm still around. Blogspot burped over all my scheduled posts and I had to go in and manually deal with them, but I was pretty sick for a few days and just lacked the energy to do it. I am on the upswing, though, thank you very much! I hope you get to feeling better much more quickly than I managed it!

    It is a simple thing to think different thoughts to achieve a different outcome, but just because it is simple doesn't mean it easy. All any of us can do is the best we can in a given moment, and when we can't give our best just hit reset and keep on trying. (((hopena))) (Which is the PERFECT name for you!)

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